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Some Challenges and Barriers Facing Asian Suppliers:
Poor Quality Products perception
Lack of Trust on Chinese Suppliers
No local office
No local contact
No one to call for support
Poor language skills
Donít know local customer expectation
Lead times too long - No local inventory
Cannot visit customers regularly
Cannot demonstrate products and provide training
Cannot call you (in China) at anytime
Cannot establish a fruitful relationship due to distance
Donít know customer culture and traditions
Donít know local customer needs and requirements
Cannot deal with customer problems in a timely manner
Donít know the local markets well
Cannot solve Quality, Service and Warranty issues
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For every challenge, we provide a solution:
We only promote Suppliers Committed to High Quality Standards
We remove the Trust Issue by providing local sales managers
We have a local office and local phone numbers
We provide a local account manager
We are their first point of contact
We hire local sales professionals with excellent language skills
We meet customers and understand their expectations
We provide local inventory and shorten lead times to 2-5 days
We make it our goal to visit customers every 3 months or as needed
We visit customers and do product demonstrations
We are here for them when they need us. (We call you at night)
We establish long term relationships on your behalf.
We understand local customs, culture and traditions.
We learn and understand their requirements.
Customers call us and we resolve their issues immediately
We do marketing research and identify Major Players in each region
We are here to resolve your customer problems
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