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Our Services

Our Services
American Vision OEM is a Professional Sales and Marketing Organization commited to promoting your products and your brand within the American Region. Our method is simple: We bring your products to many industry trade shows providing exposure in the hundreds of thousands of customers.

We also create many marketing activities based on your long term goal. We identify the right custome for you. We provide data and information to you on a monthly basis. We guarantee to create Brand Awareness and we also guarantee that you will accomplish all this with a very small budget.

We are very aware of the current economy troubles around the world. We have a developed a system to realize our activies by sharing many of the expenses with 3-5 brands.
This way, everyone gets exposure for a fraction of the cost. Email us to receive a Free Marketing Proposal or Free Consultation

In addition, we are in a unique position to support with your goals of having a full warehouse in any country in Latin America. We have established strong relationships with several Warehousing and Logistics company and we will be happy to provide contacts for you.
Give us a call or email us for more information

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